Retail Technology Deployment Planning

One of the most important parts of any retail technology deployment is the plan. Your store can have the technology it needs, but if there isn’t a solid retail technology deployment planning in place, the process can become quite stressful. At OPL technologies, we are a full-service technology deployment company, and one of the services we provide is creating a retail technology deployment plan for your locations! There are many pros when it comes to having a deployment plan and you can rest assured when you choose to work with us for your technology deployment process.

Scheduling is arguably the most important part in a deployment plan, let’s dive into what each of our retail technology deployment plans entails!

Start and End Dates:

Even though it may sound simple and basic, this is a key component to any technology deployment process. Having start and end dates for certain parts of the deployment plan is hands down one of the best ways your company can track the deployment of technology.

Site Lists:

Before we start the scheduling of the deployment of technology, we make sure to discuss and gather exactly what locations and addresses you are wanting to deploy the technology. Furthermore, we make sure to note what locations may require special accommodations, such as flight, if the resource needed cannot be accessed locally.

Days and Times for Deployment work:

During the retail technology deployment planning, it is important note the days and times of possible deployment. A good example of this would be stores that are open just 8-5 or stores that are 24hr. When we find out the operating hours of work sites, we can make the most time efficient deployment plan.

Blackout Periods:

A major part in any retail technology deployment plan is the knowing when you won’t be able to work on things. Generally speaking, blackout periods are usually during holidays or any other special day for a company. Simply put, we need to know these dates so that we can create a deployment plan that accommodates for these special dates.

Deployment Rates:

This part of the plan deals with how fast deployments are made. Each one of our deployment plans comes with 3 phases:

  1. Pilot period: This is the period that sets the tone of the rest of deployment. During this time, we confirm time for task estimates and check for any issues that might need changed.
  2. Ramp Up Period: Once the pilot period checks out, we steadily increase the amount of technology deployed to each store until reaching the maximum number period.
  3. Maximum Deployment Period: This is the period where deployment is at full blast and it lasts until this number can no longer be reached.

As you can see, our deployment plans are very thorough. This is because having the right retail technology deployment planning is essential to the success of any retailer. Even though each one of our plans contains these factors, we are constantly stay abreast with the latest trents and updating our plans.

Contact us today! We would love to discuss your retail technology deployment planning options!