Retail Technology Deployment Design

One of our many services at OPL Technologies is providing your retail company with a streamlined retail technology deployment design.  A great retail technology deployment design includes multiple aspects and tasks. It addresses the who, what, when, and where of your deployment project.  Where other companies fall short is they don’t provide you with the how… at OPL Technologies we provide you with a deployment design that outlines exactly how all the tasks in the deployment project will be executed. Our deployment design makes sure your technology deployment is efficient and that your deployment is set up for success!

Our clients can rest assured they are receiving the best retail technology deployment design because we follow industry best practices. Here are three of the best practices that we follow when designing your technology deployment:

We start by defining the scope, goals, and objective to create a clear vision of the desired outcomes. This ensures we design the technology deployment to deliver a smooth rollout.

We keep lines of communication open with the key stakeholders in the project. This is especially important in the early phases of your retail technology deployment design because it makes it easier for both parties to ensure the project is meeting and exceeding everyone’s expectations.

We constantly go back and compare the benefits of the new system to the old. We do this by studying what is challenging in your current system and look to see what problems our in-store retail technology design can solve.

We Save You Money

Now what would a good technology deployment design be if it isn’t cost-efficient and eliminates cost overruns? At OPL Technologies we work to ensure each of our technology deployment designs includes cost avoidance strategies. Here are a few benefits from this approach…

  • Reduction or elimination of reschedules or revisits: This is achieved by our readiness assessments which means the status of the store is known ahead of time.
  • Efficient use of deployment time in the store: This is beneficial because you have a deployment script fully planned that ensures deployment technicians install the technology correctly the first time.
  • Eliminating costs associated with expediting resources: When you have a technology deployment design in place with the appropriate checkpoints, you have time to take corrective action without additional costs.

Finally, when you decide to work with us on your stores retail technology deployment, you are guaranteed a design that saves you more time, money, and effort and places you far ahead of your competition. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us today and let’s get started on custom tailoring a deployment design that helps your project reach its goals!