Retail Deployment of Technology

At OPL Technologies we have a dedicated team to coordinate your retail technology deployment in every possible way.  From the early stages of designing and planning your deployment and training your staff on how to be achieve a highly successful technology deployment, all the way to rescuing your current retail deployment of technology project, we have you covered.  Our Retail Technology solutions will put you on the perfect path to a cost-saving, efficient, and timely technology deployment.

Design & Planning Services

Our full-service retail deployment design and planning services provides a strategically-driven, comprehensive plan for successfully completing your retail deployment within the timeframe and fiscal objectives you set. We will complete a full scope requirements analysis and then convert that into an executable retail technology deployment plan that can either be used by your internal IT / Field Services Organization or a third-party provider to complete the deployment.

Training Services

If you would like to train your IT Practitioners or Project Managers on how to design retail technology deployments, we can provide training services that are customized to fit your business requirements. We can provide classroom training courses for larger groups or shorter one-on-one sessions for smaller organizations.

Auditing / Optimization Services

If you’ve already developed a strategic design for your retail technology deployment, we can provide auditing and optimization services prior to starting your deployment. We will provide a complete analysis of areas for improvement or gaps in the deployment strategy that will cause pain and cost money down the road. With our retail technology deployment audit we will recommend changes that will ensure that your deployment is designed for success.

RFP / Provider Vetting & Selection

Once you’ve planned and designed your retail technology deployment, we can help you find the right service provider to fit your deployment needs. With an unbiased vetting process, we can further ensure your success by selecting the provider that is best qualified and meets your financial requirements.

Troubled Project Rescue Services

Do you have a retail technology deployment that is underway and in trouble? We are here to help! With our vast experience, we can quickly mobilize and locate the root causes of sky rocketing costs, aborted deployments, equipment not showing up when and where it should, unqualified Deployment Technicians, a schedule that is out of control, and many other culprits of failed deployments. Not only will we quickly uncover these issues, but we will build a roadmap to get you back on course quickly and efficiently, so you can successfully complete the deployment.