Designing Retail Success: A Blueprint for Designing Retail Technology Deployments

By Lisa Cook

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In today’s evolving and highly competitive retail environment, retailers are under tremendous pressure to create a shopping experience that will not only get their customers to make a purchase but create an environment that will inspire repeat business. Technology is helping to drive the future of retail and with that comes the challenge of deploying this technology expeditiously and cost effectively. While most all retailers plan their retail technology deployments, very few actually design them. Creating a Deployment Design includes every detail that is necessary for a successful retail technology deployment.

This book guides you step-by-step for developing Deployment Designs. You will learn the difference between a Deployment Plan and a Deployment Design and some of the cost savings that can be achieved by implementing a formal design process, how to conduct a Design Workshop, and how to correctly design the Who, What, When, Where, and How required to clearly define your retail technology deployment. With clear, concise, and easy to follow guidance, this is the only book you will ever need to achieve your retail technology deployment objectives by Designing Retail Success.