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Six Ways to Know If You Should Design Your Retail Technology Deployments

  This concept of designing retail technology deployments seems to be foreign and new to many people, especially IT leadership. Most of the time, the delivery of new technology in the store environment is driven by a preestablished date. This is driven by the holiday shopping season or in support of other in-store marketing initiatives… Read more »

How to Properly Set Up and Run a Successful Retail Technology Deployment Help Desk

  As the project leader you’ve designed and planned your complex retail technology deployment down to the last detail. You have perfected your equipment configurations and installation script. You’ve performed your call aheads and trained your Deployment Technicians. You have worked and reworked your deployment schedule and received sign-off from Store Operations. You’ve even developed… Read more »

Key Considerations for Developing Your Retail Technology Deployment Scope Definition

Key Considerations for Developing Your Retail Technology Deployment Scope Definition   It seems like a no-brainer that you must clearly define scope when working on your retail technology deployment. I’m constantly surprised at how many retailers do not take the time to fully define up front. At best, retailers usually define which stores are included… Read more »

Top 9 Tips for a Successful Retail Technology Deployment

I absolutely love retail technology deployments! Why? Because they are so challenging. I’ve been in IT for almost 30 years. And have done just about every type of deployment you can imagine – business application rollouts, infrastructure replacement, upgrade, bug patches, and new installations, desktop refreshes, software upgrades, and on and on. All of them are challenging… Read more »